Joan Emery is an artist from Georgian Bay.
For many years she has had an interest in art. She has been involved in Arts on the Bay since its start in 1991 and is a founding member.
For 17 years she was a school board trustee for the Parry Sound School board as well as held art shows in the local school in the summer months.
Joan has been happily married for 55 years and raised a family of six!
It was not until her retirement that her own art became center stage. She paints a wide range of subjects including wildlife, sailboats and lighthouses.
There’s always something new on the horizon for this artist.
"Live as if you were to die tomorrow...Learn as if you were to live forever" ~ MATHATMA GANDI


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  1. I Love all your items. I am a mom of a 2 yr. old boy and have not gotten to try your techniques yet. My mom is in a senoir card class and she got excited when I bought her a brayer. lol You are truely an artist.

  2. Visit me on Canada Day at the Community Centre, in Pointe au Baril,
    where I will be displaying and selling my paintings. July 1st, 2017
    – Joan

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